Monday, August 1, 2016

OFF-TOPIC: Happy Birthday to Yours Truly!

I’m blessed and humbled to celebrate my birthday in good company today. That’s all of YOU. Many thanks to EVERYONE who’s reached out on social media to wish me a happy one!

This time around, another year older, I’m actually most thankful for the challenges the last year has brought - not JUST the many good times, good conversations, and good company in which I’ve spent it!

It’s been a challenging and also immensely rewarding 2016.

My partner and I continue on the journey of building heartfelt, honest, lasting, meaningful TODAYS together that lay the groundwork for many prosperous TOMORROWS together – and just as we always have, TOGETHER, we have come through, embracing and respecting everything that we love about one another above any trials & tribulations. Yes, I will marry you Maurice, and yes, we will win together, just as we always have. We won yesterday, we are winning today, and we will most assuredly win together tomorrow. The life we’ve made together is beautiful beyond my best words.

I have known integrity through higher powers (God, and other folks like myself) who find salvation in the courage and honesty it takes with oneself to continue a life of honesty and integrity - for this, I am grateful beyond any words that would do it due justice. Today I live sanity, integrity, and in absolute truth, and I embrace life on life’s terms. The blessing bestowed upon me are many, and innumerable.

My faith in God and in the good will of His children is affording me this.

Personal integrity and a daily promise is affording me this.

Communion with my fellows is affording me this.

I have much for which to be thankful.

And I’m thankful for all of you, beyond words.

Cheers to another year. Much love now and always.

-Joseph D. Sandy