Saturday, October 28, 2017

Announcement of Official Candidacy for Maryland State Delegate District 42B

Joseph D. Sandy for State Delegate 42B
Announcement of Candidacy
October 25, 2017

Today I officially enter the race and become a candidate on the books for a seat in the 42nd District Maryland House of Delegates.

I’m running because I believe that public representation is in desperate need of an influx of “everyday Joe’s” who aren’t wrapped-up in allegiance to political parties, who haven’t been ushered into politics and public representation by “party insiders,” and who, rather than subscribing to “politics as usual,” are legitimately devoted to the people & wellbeing of our community. For far too long, politicians far too often have a reputation of letting us down.

So how do you know I am dedicated to the people and wellbeing of our community? Public service is perhaps the most notable and important part of my life, and as such, I have come to fulfill many roles of service to the community. I’m a member of several local community councils here in Baltimore, including the Greater Parkville Community Council and the Police Community Relations Council Precinct Eight. I am a healthcare professional working for over eleven years with world-class physicians and practitioners in delivering mental health care services to the regional community in need; I also provide hospice services to the regional community in need of ongoing palliative care via home & assisted living visitation. I assist at a local nonprofit animal rescue, an adoption service for abused animals in crisis; I’m a designated storm spotter for the National Weather Service; I am an ally and proponent of peer support recovery services for the community that has struggled with substance abuse, trauma, & related circumstances.

Likewise, an informed public is close to my heart – so let me tell you what sets me apart from the rest. To state the obvious, I’m not a current or former politician, because we sure have enough of those. I’m not bought and sold, and will not be obliged to “party insiders" - though I welcome their support if they truly believe in my message. I’ve refused the “red tape” and conditions we sometimes find in political circles that can present as deterrents from new faces entering races, I can guarantee you that my only allegiance is to you, and to the conservative values and fiscal responsibility that matter to so many in our communities. I don’t subscribe to “politics as usual.” I don’t run local political clubs with access to high-profile favorites & insiders. I’m a “free agent” who wants the same common-sense values and conservative approaches to legislation concerning our community – just like so many of you.

Some folks will inevitably question my experience and ask me what qualifies me for the job, since they’re so used to predominantly seeing attorneys, businessmen, and “well-to-do” people in positions of public representation. Political parties, officials seeking re-election, and big-wheels often count on voters believing that elected representatives must be individuals of notable affluence in the community. As for me, I’m a working-class Marylander making a fair living and I have no stakes in any representative position other than a sincere desire to bring principle, conscience, and the preservation of liberty to politics and public representation. So what business do I have in the race?

I hope that my aforementioned resume of public service in the community today lends itself to my investment in the community, for starters. All you really need is that very desire to enact change that reflects principle, conscience, and liberty; you don’t have to be an attorney, a businessman, a doctor, or a big-wheel to represent the people. We don’t need another wealthy “party favorite” getting their palms greased by big name donors, upheld by a significant campaign team making them look polished & pristine while being endorsed by current and former favorable politicians. What do we need instead? Individuals of honesty and humility – candidates who are genuinely willing to listen to people and learn from them. There isn’t much room for ego. One must compromise, but also stand their ground on behalf of the constituency. As such, I’m a “straight-shooter” because I’m not obliged to party insiders and established politicians – I welcome their support, but I’m not obliged to them. Instead, I’m obliged to the community I intend to serve. One must be humble, give credit where it is due, and respect liberty first and foremost. And one who succeeds at being elected to office shouldn’t plan to do it forever as a career. The founding fathers knew better, and I respect that tremendously. That’s why one of my main platform issues is the importance of term limits, and supporting legislation that calls for them.

It's not “experience” that counts the most. It’s drive that counts. It’s investment that counts.

Today we remember Ronald Reagan as one of the greatest leaders of our nation – we often draw reference to the Reagan years and to his legacy on the American landscape. Remember that Reagan was mocked and criticized by his opponents for a supposed “lack of experience” – as were countless others who have since left their respective marks on history.

Yes, my sole allegiance is to preservation of fiscal conservatism and individual liberty of the members of this community – and part of that is my willingness to be that “straight shooter,” unencumbered by whether my observations and plans are held in high regard, or frowned-upon, by big-name donors, and whether or not I am “doing right” by party insiders. Because the time has come that it isn’t about them anymore – it’s about us, and it’s about you. I’m smart, I’m articulate, I’m driven, I work hard, and I apply myself by listening to the members of the community and embracing this opportunity as a way to remain ever-vigilant of what matters most to the people of our community – and to be frank, we deserve such leadership in positions of elected office. Many times, I have said I am here for you, I am available to you, and I always have been – that will not change.

I’m running to emphasize community preservation: I am committed to proposing and supporting legislation that protects & preserves our communities by fighting forced Section Eight expansion into our neighborhoods and by combatting illegal immigration in our communities. Property owners have worked their entire lives making homes and creating livelihoods in our communities, and the increase in crime levels threatens our safety, the safety of our most vulnerable neighbors & family members, and diminishes property values.

I’m running to combat unnecessary government surveillance in Maryland: for starters, on our very roadways, where we have recently re-instituted & expanded the grossly error-prone red light & speed light camera program that previously failed on multiple occasions in Maryland and in many other states. I don’t think that you and I should be subject to warrant-less surveillance technology that only definitively serves to bleed citizens of their hard-earned money, thereby yielding huge profits for the state – as well as the third-party manufacturers who keep a cut of your money. While proponents of the program will wave alleged proof that there is a benefit to public safety, studies have conversely shown increases in accidents, including dangerous intersection collisions, that occur following the installation of speed & red-light cameras. Speed limits & signal timing have been manipulated dangerously in states that employ their use. Top employees of some of the device manufacturing corporations have been convicted of bribery and fraud. The use of these devices in Maryland is a prime example of underhanded "backroom deals" at the expense of liberty.

I’m running because we have career politicians with decades of time in public office, while I believe in the efficacy of term limits for optimal public representation in seats of elective office.

I’m running because I am an ally of peer support recovery in the community of individuals that seeks to take personal accountability in overcoming addiction and substance abuse – and we have a dire, crippling, tragic opiate epidemic on our hands in this state. I know firsthand that one can turn the path of their life around, and I know that no single treatment modality works universally for everyone struggling with substance abuse. Recovery doesn’t look exactly the same for everyone – but it is very much within reach for all who suffer. I’d like to see additional diverse approaches to improvements in public health & safety, especially in substance abuse recovery & rehabilitation.

And I hope to have the opportunity to continue to share with you the ongoing list of reasons that I’m running, in coming days, weeks, and months. More importantly, I hope you’ll be vocal in sharing your concerns, hopes, goals, and ideas for how we may strive to preserve & improve the community we share.

Whatever your convictions and priorities, and however you identify politically, I hope that we as a community can agree that Marylanders deserve the best.

Let’s work to restore and preserve liberty together, and keep the right principles and conscience at the forefront of our Maryland communities. That is my wish for our state and our society.

It is an honor to announce my official candidacy today, and it will be an ongoing honor and pleasure to work over the course of the next twelve months to earn your faith in my potential to be an elected leader in our Maryland community within the 42nd District House of Delegates.

In Liberty now and always,

Joseph D. Sandy
By Authority of Friends of Joseph Sandy - Maurice Grace, Treasurer