Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Campaign Finance, My Mission, & Representing the Community

January 17, 2018
News sources & people wrapped-up in political campaigning will insist that the public reporting of the amounts of money raised and spent to date will indicate a candidate's strength in the upcoming primary election, June 26th, here in Maryland. They will say that the more money one has raised this far in advance, the greater their "strength.”
I am proud to announce to you that, to date, I have not asked for a dime from any one of you watching. I have deliberately avoided literally SELLING my campaign, to date: my ideas about individual liberty, my ideas for how the community may prosper, pledges that I will work against the expansion of Section 8 housing and illegal immigration throughout our communities, a pledge that I will work to reduce unnecessary surveillance devices in Maryland that serve only to generate income for the state by taking it out of your pocket, and that I will support legislation calling for term limits.
I've done so because I want to reiterate to the voters in Baltimore County that I am perhaps the ONE candidate, or one of the FEW, in this race who is NOT bought & sold, who does NOT play "politics as usual," and who is NOT endorsed by a mile-long list of current and/or former politicians. I don't run political clubs or special interest groups. I am proud to say that my life today is very much about public service, rather than about cozying-up to politicians past and present, or lamenting to a radio audience of similar or perhaps identical political conviction as my own. I do not "tow the party line" just for the sake of doing so. I frequently discuss, and often debate, with others in the community, publicly via social media, about REAL issues impacting members of our community; this is an almost DAILY reality for me. And I love it. It's very possible that it may very well set me apart from other candidates in my race. You'll never have to wonder whether I'm just PANDERING to you. I like to have a real conversation.
I am a member of the Republican Party because my personal values and convictions of fiscal responsibility and individual freedom for ALL AMERICANS, regardless of conviction, align most closely with true Republican ideals as they are intended. That being said, my choice of political party does NOT turn me off to ideas proposed by Democrats, or Libertarians, or Green Party members, or anyone else anywhere on the spectrum of personal beliefs, convictions, or political party. We are PEOPLE, you and I, not just RED AND BLUE DOTS on a map, or numbers on a piece of paper. I pledge to give honest consideration and remain willing to work ACROSS THE AISLE, should I be elected, when it comes to solutions and legislation that BEST BENEFITS THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY for whom I will work. And that's what I want everyone in the community to understand first and foremost about my campaign. And that is why I have avoided coming at you all for donations this early in the game.
Of course, the reality is that I will need funding and support to keep going. But the most important thing, in THIS RACE, for a newcomer like me, is that I will be knocking doors throughout Baltimore County over the course of the next several months, leaving flyers and pamphlets and cards, and encouraging YOU to join me in having these conversations. Because that is how I learn - and that is how I hope to have the opportunity to be the best public servant I possibly can be, for the ENTIRE community. And I ask for you to fill-in the bubble next to my name on the ballots in June and November this year.
Yes, I'm going to raise money during this campaign, that’s a reality, because promotional materials aren't cheap. You know this. And I hope you do choose to give a little something. Twenty bucks from a couple hundred people, let’s say, would send me a LONG way. But the BEST INDICATOR, in my opinion, of a TRULY STRONG CANDIDATE, is one who is willing to actually HAVE THE CONVERSATION with you. The one who is willing to ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS publicly on social media or in person. The one who is willing to come to you, come to your door for a couple of minutes and talk about the issues that concern you and your family in our community. Because I believe that it doesn't matter how many television ads you run, or how many wealthy friends you have, or how big your average campaign contribution is ... I believe what matters most to you when you go to that voting booth and elect LOCAL public officials is, "Hey, I remember that guy, he came to my door." Or, "Hey, I know that guy, we talk online all the time." And PRESENCE in the COMMUNITY - not just in political circles or by way of fat paychecks or donations - PRESENCE is what SELLS to hardworking people like you and me. And no amount of money is going to get in the way of that between now and June.
If you’re in the Baltimore County area and would like to make an appointment to talk, or if you have a community event, or maybe a community association meeting you’d like for me to attend, anything like that, I’m happy to oblige. I’m available in Parkville, Carney, Towson, Hampton, Lutherville, Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Sparks Glencoe, Parkton, & Freeland. So get in touch! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon. AND, if you’re interested in making a donation, I’d certainly appreciate it – links will be available online soon, but for now you can send a check to Friends of Joseph Sandy, PO Box 42160, Baltimore MD 21284.
Thank you in advance.
God bless you, my friends.
And as always,
God Bless our GREAT United States of America.
In Liberty,
Joseph D. Sandy