Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Marylanders, We Owe It To Our Veterans

Marylanders, We Owe It To Our Veterans

Libertarians & advocates of liberty are traditionally non-interventionist when it comes to matters concerning the nation’s military. That’s not to say that they don’t recognize the need for national militia and that many believe in a robust one for national security – but they don’t generally endorse policing the world. They believe in individual liberty here at home, and tend to agree that what happens to Americans on American soil is at the forefront of our priorities.

Sadly, in the past several months, there are many folks to be found within Libertarian circles, think-tanks, and various online forums who feel that better-known member(s) of the Party (leadership) have made statements in recent months that would suggest a proverbial “war on the military.”

I can’t speak for members of the National Libertarian Party, or the Libertarian Party of Maryland, but I understand that individual stances & viewpoints can be diverse, especially within smaller third-party political circles. Individual stances on particular issues may periodically differ from the official platforms of state and national political parties, to some degree, depending on the person and his/her beliefs. After all, we none, all of us, feel precisely the same regarding every issue, even when we may assume the same political affiliation/identity (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.). Some lean a little more progressive, some more conservatively, and you see this within every nationally-recognized political party.

For me, as I prepare to launch a campaign here in Maryland in 2017-2018 to represent the 42nd Legislative District in the Maryland House of Delegates, I consider my platforms carefully, and I make the effort to consider how such matters affect my potential constituents should I find myself elected to a seat at the table.

After all, my goal has always been to represent EVERYONE within my constituency, regardless of HOW you identify. Loyalty is first and foremost, always, to the People, before it is ever to a political party. That's my stance.

If I am to speak again of matters concerning the militia, briefly, I will say the following, having never been a serviceman, and not having an automatic proclivity to understanding a military lifestyle or having fought with my own life & limb for my nation:

In my own campaign, I feel qualified to focus attention on our veterans here at home – specifically, ARE WE TAKING ADEQUATE CARE OF OUR VETERANS?

Are we providing them the resources they need to meet the challenges they face when they come home and reintegrate into society?

What about our long-time veterans, those who have BEEN HOME?

What about homelessness within the veteran community?

What about substance abuse, chemical dependency, and mental health disorders? Where do we stand? What can we do differently, and what can we do BETTER? This is especially important to examine in the State of Maryland where we have an opioid epidemic that is practically beyond measure.

So when it comes to matters concerning our militia, and military spending, I'm going to focus my efforts respectively considering the seat I am looking to occupy in representation. Accordingly, I'm going to address the needs of our veterans here in the great State of Maryland. I'm going to continue to show the proper respect that I personally feel they are due, regardless of what some extremists within some political parties may say about those fine men and women who serve the American people and defend us.

I look forward to exploring these matters with you between now and Election Day in November 2018. I look forward to doing my homework, relying on your constructive input (and/or criticism, honestly), and doing all I can do to plan to tackle matters within our community from a perspective that affects us all positively, no matter who we are, no matter our individual convictions and beliefs, for the betterment of our entire community.

In Liberty, now and always,
Joseph D. Sandy