Friday, January 20, 2017

An Inauguration Day Message to My Fellow Marylanders & Americans

An Inauguration Day Message

While feelings are mixed today, in more ways than one post could easily & eloquently convey, I will say the following regarding President Trump's Inaugural Speech, and I say it in regard to my own upcoming campaign for State Delegate in 2018.

One of the first points he made as the newly-elected President of our great nation: he stated that Washington politicians have let us down for years.

My friends, in this statement, he is irrefutably correct.

Politicians have LET US DOWN for YEARS. Each time they’re elected for representative positions, they claim that they’ll enact “real change,” so much that it’s become cliché – but the truth is, they’re only interested in GROWING BIG GOVERNMENT, REGULATING YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, and ultimately SPENDING MORE OF YOUR TAX MONEY. You might as well say that the only real difference between politicians is WHERE they want to spend YOUR money.

I hope that in my own quest over the next two years I may earn your confidence in my pledge to vow to ACTUALLY return power - and MONEY - to the people of our great land, here in the State of Maryland, should I be elected to serve our great Marylanders. I hope that you will take the time to review my platforms at - and I hope that you'll take the time to reach out directly as you deem appropriate to pick my brain, to have the conversations, to learn, and to educate. To educate your peers, to educate me, and to MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD.

While emotions run strong, opinions and preferences and stances differ, may we remain ever mindful of the old adage, "Eternal vigilance is the price paid for liberty." May we make our voices heard. And may we strive to elect officials whose interests are found in the hearts of everyday Americans like you and I. I will be right here by your side for a long time to come.

In Liberty, now as always,
Joseph D. Sandy