Thursday, May 24, 2018

ENDORSEMENT: Jay Payne for Baltimore County Council

Jay Payne for Baltimore County Council
Jay is no stranger to the local political landscape. One of the first things I noticed through social media during the time that I was initially considering a run for public office was that he had a passion for public representation and was a straight-shooter when it came to the questions that need to be asked of our public officials and those seeking seats of representation of the community. I admire that straight-forward, go-getter attitude. Social media made it apparent that he knew extensively many of the candidates and would-be candidates on the scene, too. But what was most impressive was his commentary and his knowledgeability regarding local matters of representation – and his apparent conviction, that of a true liberty man.
This is precisely the conviction we need in public office at the very local level. We’re talking local law and ordinances that impact the everyday lives of everyday citizens – all of us – in this community of Baltimore County. That’s where change happens and we experience it from local representation. Mr. Payne is the guy for the job. And a big part of that is a willingness to call ‘em like he sees ‘em, which lends itself to calling out the errors of others in public representation, including those of his competition, when it has compromised the integrity, liberty, and wellbeing of our communities and where our spending goes. This speaks to Mr. Payne’s ability to critically analyze where others have fallen short of providing the best public representation for our local community. It makes me confident that Jay can see the wrongs, and I believe he will work dutifully to make the right choices in a seat of representation on the County Council.
I have tremendous respect, admiration and appreciation of individuals with liberty at the forefront of their convictions, and I have appreciated how Jay has given fair and remarkably insightful feedback to a number of the postings on social media I made during my prospective run for State Legislature, as it encouraged me to vigilant critical thinking, which is vital to the best interest of the community. That being said, imagine my enthusiasm when Jay announced he was going for County Council to represent District 5!
I would gladly lend whatever services I might be able to provide to be of assistance to his campaign, and I encourage all of you reading to learn more about Jay and his plans for Baltimore County. The guy knows his stuff, and you owe it to yourself as informed citizens of this community to get to know his plans for our community.
Vote Jay Payne for Baltimore County Council in the Republican Primary on June 26, 2018.
Thank you in advance.
God bless you, my friends.
And as always,
God Bless our United States of America.
In Liberty,
Joseph D. Sandy

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