Thursday, May 24, 2018

ENDORSEMENT: Joe Norman for Maryland State Delegate

Joe Norman for Maryland State Delegate
Maryland’s 8th Legislative District will do well to pay close attention to Joe Norman this campaign season. In Delegate Christian Miele’s own words, Joe is a “family man, successful small business owner, and a proven leader” in Baltimore County. Not only that, but Joe refers to himself as one of the “average Joe’s” that Annapolis needs in order to keep representation of our communities in perspective, and I couldn’t agree more. The last thing we need are more ‘career politicians’ representing us while gradually, year after year, drifting further and further away from us and our neighbors.
Joe’s not only working to support his own drive to representation of the community in the Maryland State Legislature – he’s also got a packed schedule of events around town in support of many other great candidates who are working collaboratively to keep a tight-knit Baltimore County moving in the right direction. Joe is a down-to-earth class act with the right firsthand tools to get the job done. If you aren’t familiar with him, and you’re voting in Baltimore County, you owe it to yourself to get familiar with him. It’s no wonder he’s getting endorsements everywhere – Joe is working diligently to keep our community connected, vibrant, and moving in the right direction. Check out his campaign scheduled appearances for the duration of the season and the many folks with whom he is collaborating in the interests of Baltimore County.
Vote Joe Norman for Maryland State Delegate in the Republican Primary on June 26, 2018.
Thank you in advance.
God bless you, my friends.
And as always,
God Bless our United States of America.
In Liberty,
Joseph D. Sandy

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