Thursday, May 24, 2018

ENDORSEMENT: Kinsey & Boccelli for Maryland State Delegates

Justin Kinsey and Raymond Boccelli for Maryland State Delegates
When I made the decision to run for office, I did so because I believe that public representation is in desperate need of an influx of “everyday Joe’s” who aren’t wrapped-up in allegiance to political parties, who haven’t been ushered into politics and public representation by “party insiders,” and who, rather than subscribing to “politics as usual,” are legitimately devoted to the people & well-being of our community.
I wasn’t coming into the race as a current or former politician, because we sure have enough of those; I’m not bought & sold and will not be obliged to “party insiders” - though I welcomed their support if they truly believe in my message; I’ve refused the “red tape” and conditions we sometimes find in political circles that can present as deterrents from new faces entering races. I honestly and earnestly guaranteed you that my only allegiance had been to YOU, for the short duration of campaign, and to the conservative values and fiscal responsibility that matter to so many in our communities. I’ve never been one to subscribe to “politics as usual.” I don’t run local political clubs with access to high-profile favorites & insiders. I’m a “free agent” who wants the same common-sense values and fiscally-conservative approaches to legislation concerning our community – just like so many of you.
In parting the race for State Delegate in my district, a two-seat district where neither incumbent is seeking re-election, I immediately called all attention to the two candidates I wholeheartedly support, the two who will have my votes. I did so because I know these two gentlemen embody precisely the same convictions with which I sought to run for representative office. They share many of my own beliefs and ideals about fiscal conservatism paired with individual liberty. And in just a few short weeks, I hope you’ll vote for Justin Kinsey and Ray Boccelli when you make your way to the ballot on Election Day.
Justin Kinsey is a liberty Republican with an unwavering work ethic, a long history of public service to the community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, time spent in public service abroad overseas, and of service to his community in a multitude of other facets – as a teacher in public schools, as a professional in emergency services management, instruction, rescue, and hazmat disciplines. Take it from me: he’s smart, he’s articulate, he’s driven, and he’s dedicated to you and me. When you sit down and talk with Justin, the first thing you’ll realize is that the man is as sharp as a tack, and the second thing you’ll realize is how ambitious is his drive for public representation – there’s no ‘smoke & mirrors’ about his dedication to the community, or his understanding of how to improve the lives of the citizens of Maryland. Take it from me, as a former candidate in his very race, and as we’ve spoken a good deal over many months, that this man is seeking your vote for all the right reasons.
Raymond Boccelli is a highly-decorated military veteran with a mile-long list of special honors and recognition who served his country proudly and retired as a Major in the US Army Infantry; following his retirement, Boccelli has served as a Baltimore County Police Supervisor for many years. His uncompromising commitment to our community speaks for itself. He’s also just about the most amicable, transparent guy you’d care to meet – he’s upfront about his intentions in public representation, and his welcome spirit and generosity is a testament, in my opinion, to his humility before the community. Early in campaign season, Ray reached out to me, though we’d not been formally introduced, and told me to come out to his campaign kickoff event in Timonium. Ray saw that we had a unique opportunity for collaboration in a race where there were two vacant seats; his intentions were clearly to put the best interests of the community before the politics that surround public representation as it is intended to be – for the people of the community. That spoke volumes to me, and it is one of my fondest and most endearing memories of my time in the local political scene, that gesture of collaborative benevolence with the community’s best interests at heart.
Vote Justin Kinsey and Raymond C. Boccelli in the Republican Primary on June 26, 2018. and – also connect with them directly via
Thank you in advance.
God bless you, my friends.
And as always,
God Bless our United States of America.
In Liberty,
Joseph D. Sandy

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