Saturday, May 26, 2018

More Endorsements Coming!

In coming days I'm sending out some more endorsements for local & statewide candidates for office.
Please note: In very few, select cases I'm aware I've 'endorsed' multiple people for the same seat; due to not being a public official myself, I have a unique opportunity to cast a light in many directions to multiple people for whom I want to attract attention. Anyone to whom I am directing attention is a candidate I feel you should check out, and I firmly believe these individuals have a significant ability to do an exemplary job in the seat of representation being sought.

These 'endorsements' are my way of getting the word out to the community - as I am aware, when it comes to voting locally, people don't always take the time to do their homework - luckily, I have! And I only pick the best & most dedicated to the wellbeing of our Maryland community.


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